Suffering gross side-effects of Dieting


All my life, I kept trying one or another diet in my own way. Always trying to shed all the flab through some magical diet. It started when I was 15 or so and weighed a whopping 120 kilos. I took the resolve to shed all the fat and become slender but it never worked. From then on I am cutting on and on about what I am eating.
Now, after three years I have reduced to 95 kilos - after more than 3 years of dieting, I am still in the "overweight section" of BMI.
From the common low-fat diet to the (in)famous low-carb diet, my body went through all the stress - I never settled on one diet and at times I went extreme like all-juice diet or raw-diet. They all helped me in modifying my eating habits. Low-carb diet is one which I love and detest equally - the diet is not only bleak and tasteless but also so weakening that my mom scared I will be on IVF by the time I finish the diet. But, it worked showing such significant weight loss that I never felt with any other diet. I was weakly glad. That was a year or so ago!

But I gained the lost weight soon after that, I went back on a low fat diet. More than diet, I intentionally and successfully reduced my portion sizes - I now eat less than half what I used to eat three year ago. I have even used medicines too to induce weight loss - I used Ayurvedic medicines which called for strict diet excluding almost everything except lemons and honey and those laxatives which I used under doctor's supervision - they worked though I wouldn't recommend it.
Exercise was something I started late, my main activity was walking/jogging but I also had lots of flexibility and stretching exercises as well. Now I have very flexible and agile body. The hard work is paying off after all.
thats me in 2006 and now...

Then came all those things which many don't talk about...those awful side effects of weight loss and dieting. The significant side effect in me is wrinkles on my tummy, on my toes...the skin has become rough and flaky. My hair too has lost its lustre and shine and has split ends and breaks. Though oddly my nails aren't affected, their growth however has slowed down compared to the past. The weakness has become something used to but hey I wasn't that drained off - after some deviation from diet I normally recovered.

And more indirectly I have created those eating habits that are very unsuitable in can't expect a bowl of oatmeal for morn or clear soup as a starter for is almost impossible. The breakfast here consists of idlis or oily dosas and the lunch is a huge pile of rice with always oily curries or acidic pickles...
But since I am eating less there isn't any weight gain! So till now glad! And once I will start living on my own - I will revert to my old eating habits which are indeed very odd for a common Indian.

Top 5 Indian male habits that suck!


Written by Neetu in 

The Staring Habit:
Males all over love to stare at women. Indian males love to keep staring at women. They’ll stare you to death if they want to. You can try giving them ‘the look’ in the eye but no use. Somehow their eyes are rock solid, on target. They scan you from top to bottom and left to right. Their dark eyes scan every inch of flesh on you. 

They have not left me - my height attracts so much looks...:(

The Stinking Habit:
Indian guys stink, to the core. Guys this is a a wake up call. I believe that guys think investing in a 100 buck deodorant hurts more than investing in stocks. Every time a guy walks by and I can feel that disgusting body odor. I wonder if you guys even hit the showers every day.
Can't agree more....I spend most of my money on perfumes, sprays and hair-removers

The Peeing on the streets Habit:
This is not new. At any given time there’s an Indian guy peeing across the street in the public right in front of a sign that says, “Yahaan peshaab karna mana hai” meaning you can’t pee here. Just because you guys can pee standing up doesn’t mean you must pee everywhere. Use the public loo next time.
Many do it - I jus don't understand from where do they all get the guts to do it!

The Comment passing Habit:
Walk across a bunch of guys and your ears automatically gear up to pick up the sound signals. Every single woman in the country is so bloody used to these comments that it doesn’t bother most of them anymore. Sexually unfulfilled, testosterone charged males would make all sorts of attempts to prove their worthiness out on the streets.
Yup! Neetu is right! As a brother of many sisters, I have learned to bother the comments and commentators  and taught them (wit hand) to shut up!

The Over-friendly Habit:
Indian males tend to become over-friendly for all kinds of reasons known to them. Go to a public place and drop a pin, hundreds of men jump out of nowhere and battle to get that pin back to you. Then they’ll strike a conversation with you. They’ll want to know all sorts of personal things about you. They just don’t seem to stop. There’s a fine line between being a gentleman and being uncomfortably friendly. Indian men cross the line as usual.
Okay! I have to defend! Oddly, a bunch of girls tried to strike friendship with me last time at the college! Did I tell you that they were all Muslims in burqas (abaya)

I am being generous in not dealing with other worse habits like "ball-scratching", splitting saliva, public nose digging and thrusting hips at others in buses.......

Don't worry! Since I grew outside India, I don't have such habits except stink! 
 Anything else you can think of? Please post them as comments

Note: Both Neetu and me are being practical, humorous and talking in general! If you think this hurts, kindly F*ck off! I have no time to listen to such comments! Alternatively you can laugh and move on

Am I an Indian? - or some alien with net?


I still have no clue why my internet habits are such highlight in my famlily's gossip! My uncle is all restless this weekend while I am sifting through various blogs. He stood behind me and pretending as though not looking - the same continued when I shifted for laptop! I have no clue what the hell is happening!

Its just internet and I am just a guy - whats so big deal in making fuss about it! He remarked that my cousin once said that I am an internet addict and went on n on! I am not so freak but yes I need this to keep in touch with the world! And if say something in "So! What?" manner he would say something under-breath and leave and quit talking for the next couple of days. He would treat like I am some stuffed lifeless animal.

Whenever I come to India, I modify myself unlike many of my friends - I try to be a real resident Indian - I internally suffer coz of dirtiness, cunning mentalties and prying nature of the locals, but I supress and put on a big smile and try to be as common as possible. This includes from my table manners to my sleep timings - everything to make it up look like a real Indian walla.
And here I am being criticised for surfing habits. When I say such things to my cousin brother, he says such things are normal and every Indian parents behave so! I don't get it! Mine too are Indian - they never touched my personal things! They never pried on me while I surfed though they are well aware that I am brainy enough to circumvent Omantel filters!! So what is my uncle's prob - I am no way to understand! I openly asked him if he wanted to install any parental filters - he can! There was no response either!
When my parents backed me and asked my uncle to leave me as I am - he got more restless and is now noisly shifting channels! It looks ridiculous but they are elders and I can't voice out like I can't eat with a spoon - This is INDIA!

Its frustating when someone looks like you are doing something gravely wrong when there is nothing wrong (in my perspective!) Perhaps I can never understand Indians - I wonder how much of such experiences are on the way!

Back onto the world....


Finally.....Finally, I am back online...that too under my name!!!
But this internet connection has cost me almost an arm and leg...not that its that costly but I had seroius hard time convincing my uncle to let me have it. He still fears that I may spoil his son (did I tell you that he is 27 n I'm 18) via internet.

I literally refused to eat until I have net and this had created quite a stir but I needed it badly...some kind of primitive need.
Exams over and I am out with a guy whom we will call Mr.A.for time being, gr8 guy! hv'g gr8 time!
Odd that few weeks ago, I'm addicted to sedatives to combat chronic insomnia........

So i will back soon fully with regular blogging and commenting